Get Set! Amazing JETBeam WL20 Hunting Flashlights Of 2018
Hunting is one of those sports that can be done during the day or at night. If you are night hunting you need find the best hunting flashlight. As most hunters already know, a big part of being successful depends upon having the best equipment. What equipment a hunter carries with them though is up in the air, as some seem to think that not all equipment is needed all of the time. Having the right equipment in a hunting situation could be the most important thing for your survival.

Now every hunter agrees that in order to be successful at hunting you need to have some type of weapon. It’s pretty obvious if you don’t have a weapon you will not be able to make any kills. Now they do agree that a flashlight is a necessary item for night hunting gear. While seeing during the day is not a problem having a good hunting flashlight with you can still come in handy, as they are used for so much more than just illuminating your surroundings.
 With this hunting kit, you get both red and green filters, so you can easily switch between the green light for hunting hogs, rabbits, and other varmints, to the red light for hunting coyotes, foxes, and other night predators. The included weapon mount and remote switch make hunting a breeze, easily attaching your light to the accessory rail of your rifle.

JETBeam WL20 Hunting Flashlightis Great for hunting and tactical purposes, this light is also useful during outdoor excursions such as camping, hiking, or caving - you'll want to take it with you everywhere!

JETBeam WL20 Hunting Flashlight Features:

Multiple Light Source
Patented JETBeam Triple Tail Switches
Max Output: 1200LM
CREE XPG3 S4 1A LED/3535 Red LED/ 3535 Green LED
Battery: 1*18650/2*CR123A
Max Beam Intensity: 10400CD
Max Beam Distance: 230m Beam Distance
Waterproof  rating: IPX-8(2 meters  under  water);

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