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JETBEAM's  triple tail switch Patent

JETBEAM's Patented triple tail switch technology allowing for momentary-on, strobe and easy access to outputs with one hand operation (either left or right). JETBeam prides itself on a 3-button patent. In fact, these are two buttons. This “big” is used to turn on the flashlight, and flat on its sides to change modes.

JETBEAM's Patented triple tail switch Feature:

ON/OFF Tail Switch

Momentary on function is available by short pressing the tail switch

Secondary Switches

When the light is off, short pressing either of the secondary switches for strobe, keeping pressing for 1 second longer, the unit will stay on strobe when light is on, a short press of either of the secondary switches will allow access to different intersity settings.Holding the switch down for longer than 1 sec will access to strobe.
JETBEAM's Patented triple tail switch technology is used for Jetbeam TH20 Tactical LED Flashlight and JETBeam TH15 Tactical Rechargeable Flashlight.

Certificate of Design Patent

Jetbeam is a company specialized in developing and manufacturing high-performance LED flashlight. The product lines including different types of flashlight such as EDC (every day carry) flashlight, UV flashlight, Fishing flashlight, tactical flashlight, etc. View Jetbeam certificate of Design Patent.We would like to express our sincere thanks for years as well as our commercial partners. JETBeam Electronic Technology Co. Ltd will continue to strive for perfect design and workmanship, to provide customers with better products and service.

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